JavaScript X-Bitmap Image Creator

by David Blackledge

Are you really, really cheap or really, really poor? Do you want to have some pictures on your web page that you created yourself and are web compatible (i.e. NOT .bmp or .pcx or other things MS Paint saves)? Well, that's odd... you just happen to be in the right place! Use this really, really cheap and really, really poor monochrome X-bitmap creation tool to draw your picture using just your web browser!

If you can't figure out how to draw with it, then too bad, since this is too cheap a tool to have any documentation.

Unfortunately, the "Save image as..." option doesn't seem to work right with dynamically generated images... so you'll have to copy the XBM's source from the text area at the bottom, then either save it to a file with the suffix ".xbm" or use it as a string in your own JavaScript on a web page. Oh yeah, you can also embed it in the file with: <IMG src="javascript:'#define image_width 8\n#define image_height\nstatic char image_bits[] = {...etc...}'">

Also, using a width that's not a multiple of 8 may create an image that may crash some web browsers/image viewers... no promises, though.

Speaking of no promises... Did I tell this was really poor and cheap? That means use it at your own risk... no warranties expressed or implied... and any other legal phrases you can think of that keep me from getting sued since this is just for fun.

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