Content for Testing the A:hover equivalent for Netscape 4

By David Blackledge
content content content linked content content
Note that the onmouseover, onmouseout (see status bar) and onclick events are maintained in the above link.
Also note how outside style applied to the original link is ignored by the hovering link.: Link So it's a good idea to include a background color in your hover style to cover up the original link somewhat under these circumstances.

inside a div it's like this
the content has to be placed (Link inside a positioned element) within the layer
test content with lots of independent links so we can see what happens when they are hovered over.

When a link wraps around to the next line, Netscape reports the position of the link and the text of the link as if the last line is the entire link, ignoring the portions of the link that occur before that last line, no matter how many lines that link may cross, so the effect becomes a bit odd under those circumstances and there is nothing that can be done about it since there is no way to recognize that situation.