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XBM Information
While playing with and researching JavaScript I learned long ago that one can create XBM images by generating plain text definitions in JavaScript and using that for your image source on a web page. Not long after I created the XBM Draw Library, Microsoft discovered a bug in IE that, with a badly formed XBM, it could crash the browser. Instead of fixing the bug, they simply disabled support for XBM images, regardless of the fact that it was the first image format supported on the web. Below is a list of XBM stuff I have, and a link to the Windows Registry fix to re-enable XBMs in IE.
XBM Draw Library
(2002)Probably the most popular thing on my website... allows you to generate an XBM definition with Javascript using simple object-oriented drawing techniques.
XBM Creator
Earlier (2001) form-based generator - a cheap "drawing program"
XBM-based Analog Clock
An early (2001) program that generates a new XBM every second to draw an analog (complete with a second hand) clock.
Registry Change to enable XBMs in M$ Internet Explorar 2