Class TivoLocator

  extended by com.blackledge.david.tivo.TivoLocator

public class TivoLocator
extends Object

Java 1.4 downgrade of com.peterfranza.TivoLocator
from his site:
I’m sure that you know if you have a Tivo or not, but I’m providing a class based on the “Tivo Connect Automatic Machine Discovery Protocol Specification” that will listen for the Tivo UDP heartbeat and provide a notification when the heartbeat is detected.
Usage:TivoLocator.getInstance().addListener(new TivoLocatorListener() { public void processTivoHeartbeat(TivoInformation info) { System.out.println("Tivo IP: " + info.getAddress()); } }); The Tivo will send out these hearbeats about every 60 seconds or so. The TivoInformation class will tell you information such as: Internet Address: getAddress()
Connect Method: getMethod()
Platform: getPlatform()
Machine Name: getMachineName()
Identity: getIdentity()
Services: getServices()
Software Version: getSwVersion()


Nested Class Summary
static class TivoLocator.TivoInformation
static interface TivoLocator.TivoLocatorListener
Method Summary
 void addListener(TivoLocator.TivoLocatorListener listener)
 void close()
static TivoLocator getInstance()
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Method Detail


public static TivoLocator getInstance()
                               throws SocketException


public void close()


public void addListener(TivoLocator.TivoLocatorListener listener)