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Enter Webz is a "web browser" for the TiVo DVR written by me, beta released in January 2013.
Visit EnterWebz.tv to use the public server without downloading anything!
Main information is in the documentation page
For feedback or help, try the tivocommunity forums or drop me a line

Download Here!

2014-12-25 EnterWebz 1.0 distribution

Just unzip it somewhere and run the .bat file on a Windows machine. Edit launcher.txt to change what shows up. It is a Java application and also has batch files for Unix or Mac.

more information here

This is free for your PERSONAL use (do not set it up on a public server), and has NO warranty expressed or implied. I will not be held responsible for loss of information or damage to property or reputation by your use of this app. Do not consider it private or secure (although it will submit forms and request pages securely, the connection between your remote/keyboard/DVR and the Enter Webz application is not secure).

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