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Our family was an early adopter of the TiVo... we got a series 1 in... well, I'm not sure how long ago, probably around 2002. We finally upgraded in 2006 when we were given the "last chance" option to transfer our lifetime service to a new Series 3 machine. A year later we got a TiVo HD that had a lifetime service option so we could actually share between two rooms, and gave our series one to my Dad to watch the superbowl with instant replay. ;] Eventually we added a Premiere.
Anyhow, I looked into the HME programming options to add features from my computer to the TiVos and got hooked.
Feel free to download these and use them for your own TiVos. Drop me a line to let me know you're using them or what could be different, or if you want other information

Downloads Available!

All of the applications are now distributed as Zip files that contain the necessary jars and a simple .bat file to run under Windows (other platforms can use the .bat as a guide - it's just one line). They also contain a README file for configuration information and some have another file to explain getting the application to run via Galleon instead of the .bat file. Check out the JavaDoc
Also check out the TiVo HME Developers Wiki and my TiVo HME Programming Group on Yahoo



Other Applications:

Libraries: (most can be found in one or more of the above zips)

Last modified: November, 2014