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Well, it's Solitaire and FreeCell...for your TiVo... what else where you expecting?
Also has a version that uses my Multitasker environment so you can play your favorite music and have a running ticker of news or whatever across the bottom. Card back image is configurable.
Feel free to download these and use them for your own TiVos. Drop me a line to let me know you're using them or what could be different, or if you want other information

Download TivoSolitaire.zip OR MultiTivoSolitaire.zip - MultiTasker version.

The zips contain README configuration/instruction files and INSTALL files for running it under Galleon.

WARNING: I have had program crashes and TiVo crashes with the Multitasker software in the past...I try hard to prevent them, but some stuff hasn't gotten fixed. Use at your own risk - it's free...no warranties express or implied and all that jazz... I'm just sharing what I do for myself.

My Lazy Instructions:
  1. Install Galleon to act as the host for this - or host it another way if you know how to do it...not taking time to give instructions here.
  2. Put jar files in Galleon's hme folder (C:\Program Files\Galleon\hme)
  3. Add lines to Galleon's launch file (C:\Program Files\Galleon\hme\launcher.txt):
    • com.blackledge.david.tivo.solitaire.TivoSolitaire
    • com.blackledge.david.tivo.solitaire.TivoFreeCell -uriAndTitle "freecell:[FreeCell]"
  4. Restart the Galleon Service
Since navigating a bunch of cards can get tedious, it has a lot of shortcuts. Shortcuts for FreeCell are similar with some differences.
Screenshots from Multitasker version:

Download TiVoSolitaire.jar also requires the MultiTaskerApplication architecture and the Solitaire Game core

Last modified: November, 2009