Class SolitairePlayStack

  extended by java.util.AbstractCollection<E>
      extended by java.util.AbstractList<E>
          extended by java.util.Vector
              extended by
                  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
Serializable, Cloneable, Iterable, Collection, List, RandomAccess

public class SolitairePlayStack
extends CardStack

A CardStack that is used as an intermediate location for cards while trying to get them to the goal location in Solitaire.

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class java.util.Vector
capacityIncrement, elementCount, elementData
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Constructor Summary
SolitairePlayStack(Collection list)
Method Summary
 boolean canPickUp(int i)
          Determine if we are allowed to call CardStack.pickUp(int) without getting a null back.
 boolean canStack(Card card)
          Override for stacks with rules.
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add, bottomCard, canStack, getReverse, pickUp, topCard
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Constructor Detail


public SolitairePlayStack()


public SolitairePlayStack(Collection list)
Method Detail


public boolean canStack(Card card)
Description copied from class: CardStack
Override for stacks with rules.

canStack in class CardStack
card - the card that wants to be stacked on top of this instance.
true if the stack is empty and the card is a King, or the card's suit color is opposite of this stack's top card and the card's value is one less than the top card.


public boolean canPickUp(int i)
Description copied from class: CardStack
Determine if we are allowed to call CardStack.pickUp(int) without getting a null back.

canPickUp in class CardStack
true if the identified card exists and is face up.