Package com.blackledge.david.tivo.gadgets

TiVo Gadgets by David Blackledge.


Class Summary
ColorChooser A screen for selecting a color.
FileChooser Simple file chooser screen.
HelpScreen Simple help screen.
NumberGetterScreen Screen to request a remote-keyed number.
RSSItem Simple bean to hold the elements of a RSS XML item, designed fr use with RSSListScreen
RSSListScreen Screen that displays RSS Feed information, displaying the current item's title, pubDate, and Description at the top of the screen.
StringGetterScreen Screen to request a keyboarded-in string.

Package com.blackledge.david.tivo.gadgets Description

TiVo Gadgets by David Blackledge. Gadgets, in this case, are useful screens that can be instantiated pushed/popped in your TiVo HME Bananas Application to do something useful. Often, gadgets are made of Widgets.