Interface Audio

All Known Implementing Classes:
CNNHourlyAudio, GenericAudio, HourlyNewsAudio, LocalAudio, NPRAudio, RemixKwedAudio, SampleAudio, XMPortalAudio

public interface Audio

Interface to provide audio stream sources to the MultiTaskerApplication architecture. Take advantage of the MultiTaskerApplicationFactory.getShortMappedUri(String) to prevent errors from too-long URLs Next stream is requested when one ends, or user/program specifically requests it. check option AUDIO_RANDOM if you want to support randomization and to see if user changed mind.

$Revision: 1.1 $

Method Summary
 String getNextAudioStream()
          Provides the next Audio Stream to play.
 void init(MultiTaskerApplication app)

Method Detail


void init(MultiTaskerApplication app)


String getNextAudioStream()
Provides the next Audio Stream to play. Use a URL of the form app.getContext().getBaseURI().toString()+"local/"+myFilePath To play a file local to the current computer, where myFilePath is relative to the local file root defined in options.

a URL string that will provide an mp3 stream.