Package com.blackledge.david.tivo.multitasker

TiVo Multitasker Application Architecture by David Blackledge.


Interface Summary
Audio Interface to provide audio stream sources to the MultiTaskerApplication architecture.
BackgroundImage Interface for providing a series of background images.
Brand A multitasker interface for a static "Branding" item like tv channel logos or a clock or whatnot.
Console FUTURE e.g.
LocalOptionProvider Implement this interface with each of your plugins (BackgroundImage, Audio, or TickerTape) that you also want to have their own options that work nicely with the option system
MultiTaskerApplication.ICallback Interface for MultiTasker callbacks - uses animation chaining but easier to understand
PollingPopup FUTURE Interface that will poll regularly and can do a popup on the screen.
TickerTape Interface to provide instances of TickerTape.TickerTapeSegment (includes a default implementation) for the tickertape across the bottom of the screen in a MultiTaskerApplication.
TickerTape.TickerTapeSegment The interface for the elements of a tickertape segment
TimedPopup FUTURE Interface that will do a popup on the screen at a particular time (e.g.

Class Summary
AudioCaptionTicker TickerTape that attempts to provide a reasonable segment for the currently playing Audio source.
AudioView Handles URL redirects before using feed as a resource.
BackgroundImageCaptionTicker TickerTape that attempts to provide a reasonable segment for the currently playing Audio source.
BackgroundView View that holds the Background of a MultiTaskerApplication, driven by a BackgroundImage implementation.
MultiTaskerApplication Superclass of any applications that want to take advantage of the Multitasker architecture to automatically get configurable audio handling, ticker, background images, etc.
MultiTaskerApplicationFactory Multitasker Factory - handle local files as streams and automatic reformatting of local images as streams.
MultiTaskerPreferences Format of preferences definitions: optionKey, "Type[+],Label [options/for/strings]" Which is to say, the value for a key is a string where that starts with its Type (one of the LocalOptionProvider TYPE constants).
TickerTape.TickerTapeSegmentDefault Default implementation of TickerTapeSegment if you just have 1, 2, or 3 strings you want returned as is.
TickerView The view that holds the ticker and handles its refresh and animation.
URLProxyFactory Deprecated. not needed...

Package com.blackledge.david.tivo.multitasker Description

TiVo Multitasker Application Architecture by David Blackledge. Enables a ton of features in your application by simply implementing MultitaskerApplication instead of BApplication. Once done, your application can have a user or application configured:

Developers can easily implement data source plugins for the various features to provide even more options for the user or application developer to draw on. Multiple data source plugins can be handled at once in round-robin fashion.
Your application also gains a powerful in-app configuration interface accessed via the "slow" button. Both the application and data source plugins can easily configure their own options with specific types and other features, seamlessly integrated into the preferences system. Options can be overridden by the application or it can simply provide specific default values.
The Multitasker Application Architecture also includes many commonly needed features: