Interface TickerTape

All Known Implementing Classes:
AudioCaptionTicker, BackgroundImageCaptionTicker, LocalAudio, RSSTicker, SampleTicker, TivoTicker

public interface TickerTape

Interface to provide instances of TickerTape.TickerTapeSegment (includes a default implementation) for the tickertape across the bottom of the screen in a MultiTaskerApplication. Next content is requested when previous content is scrolled across (or before if some "double buffering" is getting applied) check option TICKER_TAPE_RANDOM if you want to support randomization and to see if user changed mind.

$Revision: 1.1 $

Nested Class Summary
static interface TickerTape.TickerTapeSegment
          The interface for the elements of a tickertape segment
static class TickerTape.TickerTapeSegmentDefault
          Default implementation of TickerTapeSegment if you just have 1, 2, or 3 strings you want returned as is.
Method Summary
 TickerTape.TickerTapeSegment getNextContent()
 void init(MultiTaskerApplication app)

Method Detail


void init(MultiTaskerApplication app)


TickerTape.TickerTapeSegment getNextContent()