Class TivoTicker

  extended by com.blackledge.david.tivo.multitasker.plugins.TivoTicker
All Implemented Interfaces:
Brand, TickerTape

public class TivoTicker
extends Object
implements TickerTape, Brand

TickerTape provider that gets information from the current tivo about what is getting recorded right now. Uses HMOSession calls to get information. TiVo wasn't honoring CreationDate reverse ordering and puts suggestion types so I'm separately listing the Tivo Suggestions folder (/NowPlaying/0). Doesn't support TICKER_TAPE_RANDOM. TODO other problem earlier ended up being bad host string - maybe I can get rid of the THV?

Nested Class Summary
Nested classes/interfaces inherited from interface com.blackledge.david.tivo.multitasker.TickerTape
TickerTape.TickerTapeSegment, TickerTape.TickerTapeSegmentDefault
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 TickerTape.TickerTapeSegment getNextContent()
 com.tivo.hme.bananas.BView getUpdatedBrand(com.tivo.hme.bananas.BView brandParent)
          Make TivoTicker work as a brand as well.
 void init(MultiTaskerApplication app)
          initialize the plugin with the current application context.
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Constructor Detail


public TivoTicker()
Method Detail


public TickerTape.TickerTapeSegment getNextContent()
Specified by:
getNextContent in interface TickerTape


public void init(MultiTaskerApplication app)
Description copied from interface: Brand
initialize the plugin with the current application context. Called once before Brand.getUpdatedBrand(BView) is ever called.

Specified by:
init in interface Brand
Specified by:
init in interface TickerTape


public com.tivo.hme.bananas.BView getUpdatedBrand(com.tivo.hme.bananas.BView brandParent)
Make TivoTicker work as a brand as well. (but only makes sense as one or the other, so Ticker wins, this returns null if ticker is in use)

Specified by:
getUpdatedBrand in interface Brand
brandParent -
the updated view