Package com.blackledge.david.tivo.multitasker.plugins

Class Summary
AudioArtBackgroundImage BackgroundImage that attempts to get album art for and related to the currently playing Audio source via
AudioCollectionAudio Deprecated. - you can do this with GenericAudio and multiple classes specified in Audio.class.
ClockBrand simple text clock
CNNHourlyAudio Handle the algorithmic URL of the CNN hourly feed.
GenericAudio Provide Audio via URLs listed in GenericAudio.OPTION_URLS ("GenericAudio.urls").
GenericBackgroundImage Provide BackgroundImages via URLs listed in GenericBackgroundImage.OPTION_URLS ("GenericBackgroundImage.urls").
GenericImageBrand Essentially a duplicate of GenericBackgroundImage but it sets the resource of the Brand view with the images identified via GenericImageBrand.OPTION_URLS ("GenericImageBrand.urls")
HourlyNewsAudio Various hourly news sources - Fox News, CNNHourlyAudio, MSNBC, NPR (NPR with "streaming mp3 format" doesn't seem to play audibly).
LocalAudio non-smart implementation of getting local music URLs for everything in "My Music"
LocalStreamedBackgroundImage non-smart implementation of getting local picture URLs for everything in "My Pictures"
NPRAudio NPR streaming - doesn't seem to work correctly.
RemixKwedAudio Pulls a list of mp3's from's home page (random one of the up to 50 first pages) and repeats when it uses all those up.
RSSTicker TickerTape that provides images, headings, and ticker content based on a list of RSS feed URLs using just SAX and DOM to parse.
SampleAudio DO NOT USE - these tracks seem to crash the TiVo internap mp3 player!
SampleBackgroundImage Just a test of the BackgroundImage interface - always returns the same one.
SampleTicker just a test of the TickerTape interface...
TivoTicker TickerTape provider that gets information from the current tivo about what is getting recorded right now.
XMPortalAudio FIXME not implemented fully Get Audio from backend XM provider.