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I like to hack around with JavaScript, and also use it in my job. JavaScript, for the uninformed, is not Java (it just shares some of the same syntax). It is a Client-side interpreted scripting language that is embedded in Web Pages (Java Applets are compiled programs that only have special tags embedded in Web Pages that then download the Applet). I also have contributing to the Faqts JavaScript section. I also often answer JavaScript questions on Experts Exchange
Also see the below "Published Work" section.
Everything here is copyright me (David Blackledge) and may only be used by permission unless otherwise stated in documentation or source code comments. Normally things would include permission, but I don't like to "release" stuff that's unfinished, which most of this is. In any case, just ask, I'll probably give permission.

old JavaScript page with a lot of stuff that only works with Netscape 4.

Here is some of my work and some of my experiments:

Games, Tools, and Utilities:

  • NEW!translate text into umopapisdn (upsidedown) text
  • NEW!translate text into txet wtih a mxeid up mddile (from something I saw at the Explora kids museum)
  • NEW!JavaScript gems for programmers.
  • NEW!insane - drawing on a web page - takes a while to start.
  • [N4+,  IE] Green Globs - a Math equation game from the 80's.
  • [N3+,  IE] Pop-a-mole
  • [N3+,  IE] Pop-a-mole using images (and resizable)
  • [N3+,  IE] MineSweeper
  • [N3?, IE] On the front page is my Calendar implementation... everybody does one, right? Mine is an Object. You can set an action and it will make that the HREF for every date, complete with substitution variables. It also has an Events set-up and displays days differently if there is a morning, afternoon, or an all-day event defined.  dlbCalendar.js
  • XBM stuff - doesn't work in IE 6 in XP sp2 because they disabled XBM support.
  • XBM Stuff
  • Demos and Experiments:
  • [N4, IE] Reflecting Pool - a shimmering water effect for any entered text. Very cool... I might add it to my pages someday.
  • [N3+, IE] Fake style change "rollover" or "A:hover" effect that works on Netscape 3 (and probably earlier)
  • [N4, (IE)] Netscape Hover Style. Make a:hover style work (almost) in Netscape 4 (a.hover, actually)
  • "Published Work"
    The JavaScript Source:
  • [N3?,IE] Radio Question Validator [submitted Aug 29, 2001, listed Feb 20, 2002 (2002-20-02!)]. Original Sample One user already noted that there is one vulnerability in the script... if you name your radio buttons with numbers it won't work.
  • Other JavaScript Projects/ideas (mostly not started).